New Product Division of Bisazza: New Bathroom Products

bisazza bathroom furniture picture 1

bisazza bathroom furniture picture 1

I was informed that a new product division of Bisazza is a new bathroom products have emerged. The emergence of this new division is one of the Bisazza step in expanding its business in the designs of bathroom products. The design of the bathroom products are the ideas of Marcel Wonder. With the presence of new product designs, indicating that the Bisazza Bagno lebi focus on the design of a quality product. Bisazza has hired some designers to create reliable products of superior quality.

Renowned designers create attractive and unique designs for Bisazza, came the leading products such as new product division of Bisazza that PeerZoo displayed on this post. These products have been exhibited in international exhibitions in Cersaie, Italy. The place is located in Bologna. Marcel Wonder is a famous designer who contributed designs to the Bisazza. Bathroom product design time is very interesting and unique. Black and white lacquered furniture that looks beautiful and fascinating.

Fiberglass tub is very attractive and charming in a new product division of Bisazza. Design bathroom color is white and shiny. Some well-known circuit design results mirror comes in a beautiful bathroom. Icon is classical complete bathroom design products more perfect and charming. You can see some of the latest product designs Bisazza in the photos that I show in this post.

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